Pars Industrial Reservoir Plastic Industrial Group entered the field in 2006, nearly two decades of efforts along with tens of thousands of hours of expert work in the field of design and production of new, quality products in Pars Reservoir Plastic Company along with suggestions and constructive criticism from you dear customers. It enables us to produce polyethylene products (various types of horizontal, vertical, cubic, oval, expansion, funnel and spray tanks, plastic tubs and fishing tubs, industrial, traffic barriers, etc.). In the rotary molding industry, it has complied with the highest international standards, and has been active in exports, especially in the Middle East (Arab) and European, Asian, and African countries, and has invested heavily in increasing it.

Pars Plastic Reservoir Company uses modern machines to benefit from specialized and efficient human resources and also to receive a certificate in the quality system:

ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004, ISO 1801: 2007, ISO 1001: 2004

And the national standard of Iran and the health apple logo have been awarded by the Ministry of Health and the Food and Drug Administration, this process has led to a serious definition of the quality of our products from Pars Industrial Group, a plastic tank in Iran.

We hope that we, along with you, dear customers, will always help us in the field of quality production with suggestions instead of you, so that we can have a lasting name in your mind and memory with you, and with the slogan of quality, price will remain with you.