Introducing different types of sub-tanks:

Underfloor tanks in volumes of 500 liters, 1000 liters and 1500 liters and custom types with the dimensions requested by the customer can also be offered. Underfloor tanks can be produced in colorless, single-layer, double-layer and three-layer, and custom-made foam, four-layer and five-layer. It is possible to produce an undercoat tank in different colors, but mostly white undercoat tanks are more welcome than other colors.

Applications of stair tanks:

1- Storage and storage of drinking water
2- Fire water storage

Underfloor tanks are first-class raw materials and can be used to store drinking water for food and medicine and a variety of chemicals. Two-layer and three-layer sub-tanks with colored layers with visible light and UV filters prevent the penetration of light into the tank and prevent the growth of algae in its inner layer. All two-layer and three-layer tanks are resistant to the sun’s UV rays based on Iran’s weather conditions and can be easily installed in places such as stairwells, parking lots and installation rooms. Polyethylene is very resistant to acidic substances and games and is a very cheap alternative to stainless steel tanks and containers.

Some features of Plastonic and Tabarestan submarine tanks:

1- Quick and easy installation
2- Fully integrated and seamless
3- Relatively low heat transfer
4- Easy transportation capability
5- Resistant to acids, bases and corrosive substances
6- Engraving the production date and volume on the body of the product
7- Prepared from completely hygienic raw materials (food grade)
8- Has a 36-month replacement warranty and 10 years of after-sales service
9- Plastonic foam tanks with special thermal and cooling insulation
10. Fully hygienic three-layer tanks with ultraviolet (anti-UV) and anti-algae resistant layer (for storing drinking water)

These tanks are designed and manufactured for placement in the space under the stairs. The tank under the 1000 liter plastic step prevents the deformation and inflating of the tank due to the installation of an internal reinforcing pipe with a special geometric shape. These advantages have made this product not have the common weaknesses of other cubic tanks (belly squeezing). Another thing about the 1000-liter tank under the plastic stairs is that they are compatible with most of the spaces under the stairs in complexes and buildings.

Please pay attention to the following points regarding the location of these tanks, like other tanks:
1- Controlling the transfer route of the tank to the installation site: the width of the door, the width of the corridor next to the stair railing and the wall, especially the height under the stairs and the possibility of turning the tank to be placed in the installation site must be carefully measured and evaluated. Make sure the tank is located along this route and its location.
2- The lower surface of the tank should be completely flat and do not place bricks, wood and non-standard bases under the tank.