Your use of the online store “Pars Makhzan” and ordering goods from this site means that you fully agree with the following terms and conditions:

By default, the tanks and so on are raw and have no input or output. If you need input, output and float, you can contact our sales experts or let us know in the order description. It should be noted that the store also defines the products that have the required connections, and you can also choose your final product from them along with the connections.

Note: Dear buyers, you are required to study the warranty and after-sales service conditions and observe the relevant points. All these conditions can be seen in the warranty card sheet available on the Pars Makhzan website. (Click to see warranty terms)

At present, free shipping is only for orders over eight hundred thousand tomans in the cities of Tehran and Karaj. The place of delivery of orders with this purchase figure in the mentioned cities is the address of the customer’s place and in the cities the place of the cargo office or sales agent in that city. Orders less than eight hundred thousand tomans do not include free shipping and the shipping cost is the responsibility of the customer. However, many products under 800,000 Tomans have been tried to be sent in many cities or at the lowest possible cost and delivered to the customer’s door. In cities where it is not possible to send the customer’s door address to Arsal, the door of the sales agency or freight office will be delivered.

A small number of products such as pressure tanks and Tabarestan tanks do not include free shipping conditions. For these products, this is mentioned on the product page.

Note: All orders that are sent to the cities through the freight offices, including free and non-free shipping, include the cost of warehousing, which is paid by the customer at the time of delivery.

All the principles and procedures available in the “Pars Makhzan” store are in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Electronic Commerce Law and the Consumer Protection Law. Users will be notified of this page if updates or changes to the store’s rules and regulations occur.

Users are required to include accurate and complete information in the database when ordering goods or services. It is obvious that the lack of information will prevent the correct and timely completion of the order and the consequences will be directly related to the buyer.

Privacy Policy

Pars Makhzan online store respects and protects the privacy of individuals who use the site’s services.

Pars Makhzan online store will not in any way transfer the users’ unique information to non-assigned persons and parties, and at the same time, it is committed to using the latest technologies to defend the privacy of users as much as possible.

Register, process and send orders

It is possible to register and order products online at all hours of the day and night.

Pars Makhzan online store determines the specifications and delivery time of the goods when confirming the order of the goods and informs the customer.

If an order is registered on the site, we will definitely contact the order registrar to make the final arrangements as well as how to receive and send the order. The usual procedure is that orders placed before 4pm on Saturdays to Wednesdays will be shipped the same day. Also on Thursday, the deadline for ordering to receive the product on the same day is 12 noon. If an order is registered after the stated hours, it will be postponed to the next business day. Due to unpredictable events, there may be changes in the above procedure, all of which will be notified to the customer before loading the product.

Delivery time for cities is usually less than 72 hours from the time of order registration. Due to the sending of orders to the cities through freight and postal services, there is a possibility of minor delays due to delays in the performance of these companies, which is beyond the obligations of Pars store, Bazaar Reservoir. It should be noted that the company is unable to pay damages in the event of unforeseen events, strikes, and the like, which may delay the delivery of the product to the customer.

In the event of a problem with the final processing of the shopping cart, such as running out of stock or customer cancellation, the amount paid will be credited to the customer’s account within 24 to 48 business hours.

All polyethylene products offered on this site have a 3-year warranty. Other products offered on the Pars Reservoir site are guaranteed by their manufacturers. Dear customers, when receiving your product, be sure to receive the warranty card or purchase card and keep it with you until the end of the warranty period. For more information on product warranty, please refer to the product warranty section.

The buyer is obliged to pay the amount payable when delivering the goods or services in cash or using a card reader or the desired amount through the portal of Pars Makhzan website. If the buyer does not pay on time, the seller has the right. Refuse to deliver the goods and cancel the order, and if the goods are sent, the shipping cost will be received from the buyer.

Careful purchase of goods and attention to specifications such as size, type, color, etc. is the responsibility of the buyer, so before confirming the order, check the above items carefully. Also, when receiving the goods, make sure that the sent goods are correct, and if there is a problem, call 02144548922 or 02144541375.

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