please pay attention:

Connect the fitting to the authorized locations marked on the tank.
Failure to hit any sharp and winning object into the tank
It should be possible for air to enter and leave the tank when it is full and empty. (By installing a left pipe or installing a few small holes in the vertical wall above the tank inlet)
If an iron chassis is used, its surface should be uniform and covered with sufficiently strong iron sheet.
Warranty services only include Pars Reservoir production tanks.
The installation location of the tank must be fully prepared in accordance with the regulations of the building engineering system (installation department) so that it is possible to provide warranty and after-sales services (tank replacement).
The tank installation site must have a water path or saline floor to direct flooded water or any possible leaks.

Note: The 36-month warranty only includes polyethylene products offered in Pars Makhzan store, and other products are covered by the warranties of their manufacturers, which are different depending on their type. For information on the warranty period of each product, refer to the page of that product located in the store.

Problems with incorrect use of the product and contrary to the instructions issued by the company and the distortion of any information engraved during production on the company’s products will take them out of the warranty service. (Product installation guide)


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